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DVLA scam email shock - scammers can steal your identify today through this new message

The DVLA has confirmed that a new scam email claiming that drivers need to update their details was not sent by them.

DVLA experts say that the new email was not theirs and they never ask drivers to update personal or bank details online. The new email tried to trick drives by including the official DVLA logo and a sign off at the bottom of the message with a link to the genuine GOV.UK website.

The message says: “All data transmission over this website is secured.

“DVLA routine check has found some irregularities in your current profile, which indicated that the information given is no longer accurate or up to date.

“You are required to update your profile to its latest form to avoid termination of your motoring licence.

“You must use your valid and official information to complete this form. Using any nicknames or short addresses can lead to rejection of this update.

“Click here and complete the required form”.

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